Yes, those were the Saturdays that I didn’t post. Ever wonder what I’d post besides my paintings on Saturdays? I guess it should be something light and interesting to read on weekends.

I have been thinking of filling my Saturday post with some sort of photographs of anything. Let me jot down some of my activities online to amuse you every now and then. Let Saturday be my writing practice day. Please pardon my bad English.

For this first Saturday post I’ll let you peek into my daily life. I’ll show you what things are on my desk. I usually start my day with cuppa coffee and newspapers and if I am in the super-duper good mood, I will just skip it and start having my daily ritual of paintings. Oh, I forget to mention that I am a slacker.

My tea-cup and the small tea-pot which I use them daily and during my practice. A pot of fresh Chinese tea every morning to joss my day is always in order. I prefer the taste and aroma of tea which is not too strong and have that soothing feeling than coffee. I would recommend people who are heavy coffee drinkers to try to drink tea instead. It has less caffeine.

Do you notice there is an interesting picture on the tea-cup?

The pictures above are the detail surrounding tea-cup.

My usual light breakfast is either bread/pasties/cookies and with a cup of tea of course.

This is my work station. Don’t be fooled by its cleanness. I am the messy kind. It just so happened, I finished this painting and cleaned it earlier.

Besides the tea and painting, music usually accompanies me throughout the day too. Yes, I do listen to music :). I listen to all sort of songs, but most definitely not the loud ones lol. They tend to make my heart beats faster and make me temperamental. With soft music and Chinese tea, I practice my painting diligently and daily. This has become my sanctuary and I bare it all to you.

我在想,让我每星期六在我博客上写些东西和放些照片。  在网上记下我的一些活动娱你。让你到我的日常生活透視。星期六是我寫作的一天。可是请多原谅我的英语不好哦.