If you ever travelled to Asia, you might notice in some countries people do cook yellow rice. It is not the usual natural colour of rice which is white. Turmeric and some other spices are added while cooking to colour the rice. I tried to cook this yellow rice yesterday and would like to share pictures and ingredients with you. The way I cook it was the easiest way that I know with minimal ingredients which I could find locally. I am sure other places in other countries have their own ways of cooking.

We use rice cooker to cook this rice. After the rice is washed, add water as usual and add all the ingredients mentioned below. Let them cook with the rice. That is all, easy isn’t it?

Things that are needed: lemon grass (one or two), turmeric powder (a tea-spoon), blue ginger (a few slices), coconut milk (a small cartoon box/can. But I did not add coconut milk in my rice. I try to avoid the rich fattening coconut milk), bay leaves (which I didn’t have at home so I didn’t add this either). All these are added into the rice cooker with the already washed rice and cook it. You may add a few pinches of salt as well.

Eggs (beat the eggs, fried and then shredded it).

Shallots (sliced and fried them). These two are for rice topping when it is served. You can do the slicing and frying while the rice is cooking in the cooker.

Some of the turmeric powder is usually visibly noticed on top of rice once the rice is cooked. In this case, you have to stir the rice a bit once it is done.

I added small pieces of fried chicken wing and drum stick and a few pieces of green leaves and a tiny bit of home-made chilli accompanied the rice. Enjoy.

*note: the wing and drum stick are not overly fried. They have been marinated with spices and when it fried, it looked a bit darker than usual golden. By all means get the KFC with the rice or any other food to go with it. lol.