Tired of eating meat all the time? Want to try vegetables soup for a change? Lets have it then. This is the easiest and fastest way I know to get the food done for dinner. I cooked variety of veggie soup every now and then. This evening I cooked this vegetables soup. Here is the pictures of what I have done. Potatoes, celery, carrots, cabbage, spring onion, shallots and two bowls of chicken broth are all we need

These are all the vegetables.
Peeled washed the potatoes & carrots.
Diced them.
Washed and cut the cabbage.
Do the same to celery and spring onions.

After all the vegetables are washed and cut, prepare a big pot of water to boil (3 liter of water more or less as you prefer). Add one or two bowls of chicken broth in the pot (No chicken broth? No problem, any chicken bones will do). Boil them with the water. Do not boil all the vegetables at the same time, this might spoil the leafy vegetables easily. Because carrots and potatoes take longer time to cook and soften. So we boil carrots and potatoes first.

Add chicken broth.

Carrots and potatoes take about half an hour to soften. Once they are soft, we may add cabbages, spring onions and celery in it. Add few pinches of salt to taste and a pinch of white pepper and sprinkle a bit nutmeg powder into the soup too.

Boiling the carrots and potatoes in the chicken broth.
Once soften add the cabbage, salt, white pepper and nutmeg.
Finally add the celery and spring onion.

Cook the soup for another ten minutes and all is done.

Ready to be served. Add fried slices of shallots.
How does it look?

Now it is ready to be served. Please do not forget to sprinkle the soup with fried slices of shallots. This is to add the taste and aroma to it. Bon appetit.

吃肉吃的累了嗎?想嘗試喝蔬菜湯嗎?這是我用最簡單和最快的方式煮,馬鈴薯 (土豆),芹菜,蘿蔔,甘藍菜(白菜),芹菜,蔥花和兩碗雞湯,這都是我們需要的。撒上少許的鹽,白胡椒和肉荳蔻粉入湯,請不要忘記撒上炸蔥片。

請享用 !