Oh no not another peanut butter sandwich or cereal for breakfast again. Preparing breakfast is a bit tricky than dinner. Not many breakfast choices to be fixed quickly in the morning. I always wonder what people eat for breakfast in some other parts of the world.

I went to the oriental market the other day and saw this Leaf buns or Chinese sandwich skins and got an idea. I can fill the skin with breakfast ham instead of that thick greasy meat we usually see in the Chinese restaurants.

I am not sure if you can find any oriental stores that sell any of this leaf buns in your area. If not you can improvise and get a substitute with tortila skins or pita breads instead. Sound good ? Try it then you will know.

Besides the leaf buns you have to buy, I bet the rest of what we need for this breakfast are in your refrigerator; ham, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes ready to be used. So this is the pictures of my breakfast today.

Use the steamer and steam the buns.

Fried the ham with very liltle oil and cut them into half to fit the buns.

Cut the cheese into four.

If you preferred to have bigger slices of cheese, you may cut them into half or a third.

Stuff the ham, cheese, and lettuce to the already steam buns. Now this is my breakfast this morning.

Should I have them with a cup of coffee or tea? Oh well, I’ll let you know once I have it. Would you like to share my breakfast? Let me know what you think. Enjoy and good morning.