Last week, I got a chance to go to back to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia in Southeast Asia. It’s been some time since the last time I was back home. While we were there we decided to go to Bandung.  Bandung is only few hours drive from capital (73.1 miles or 117 km south-east Jakarta). I remember we used to go there during school holidays with family and relatives.  The city holds a very special place in my memory.  It is also an ideal weekend gateaways  from busy and crowded Jakarta.  Bandung weather  is slightly cooler  couples with its local food usually why people are there for. Further away from Bandung there is this small village called Lembang (11 km from Bandung) that we wanted to visit as well.  The next morning we went for Lembang village tour and took some pictures. Take a look at their mode of transportation in that small village out of Bandung.

This is a link for what you might find in West Java

We can still see horse carriages in small villages there.
It can carry up to 9 people in it.
Tricycles can still be found in part of Bandung.
drivers are waiting for passengers.

Although the village is somewhat crowded now, but the charm is still there. The weather is around 60s F and 70s F (20s Celsius) which is very nice. The people are friendly and food suits us well.

Map of West-Java, Indonesia.