Thinking of having fried rice for lunch or dinner? You are in luck. I happened to cook it this afternoon. All I think everyday is how to make my life a bit simpler. By cooking simple fast and easy food. I don’t mind cooking but what I mind is the cleaning afterwards. Sounds familiar? 🙂

Here are all we need for my simple fried rice: shrimps (I have frozen shrimps), eggs, carrots, garlic, green onion, 2 table-spoon of soya sauce ( and 2 table-spoon of sweet dark soya sauce – optional), few pinches of white pepper and of course the rice (enough for 3 people).

Two table spoons of soya sauce.

If you don’t have shrimps at home, you can substitute it with any leftover meat you have from last night dinner. Any meat (chicken, beef or pork) or sausages will do.

Preparation: We chop the garlic; diced the carrots and boiled the diced carrots to soften it; beat the eggs and cut the green onion for garnish later. Now we are ready to fry the rice.

I always like to add garlic in my food.

Heat the wok with two table spoons of cooking oil.
The wok should be real hot when we put in garlic, and there is sizzling sound.
Once the garlic starts to brown add eggs/beaten eggs.
Stir them and add shrimps.
Add carrots.
Add the rice, soya sauce, salt and pepper to taste.

Remember fry the rice in the high heat. The wok should be real hot to make the fried rice cook and smell better. If you want to add the colour of the rice add two table spoons of sweet dark soya sauce like I did.Here is your lunch. Bon Appetit.