I am not sure if you have heard of this Chinese dessert named Qing Tang. It is a sweet soup with white fungus, red dates, ginkgo, lily bulbs, lotus seeds and dried longan meat in it. It can be taken either hot or cold and it is believed it can soothe the heated body. All the ingredients can be bought at the Chinese drug stores or any oriental market, I believe. They are low-fat dessert and easy to cook.

I had to forgo the lily bulbs and gingkgo, as I didn’t have it at home.
Rock Sugar.

Soak the white fungus, red dates, longan meat in water and for the lotus seeds we need to soak it in hot boil water to soften them. Remove the green piths inside the lotus seeds if any as it tastes bitter. Once they are soaked, boil them for about 45 minutes or till they are soft. Then add the rock sugar to taste (any sugar will do if you don’t have rock sugar).

Boil them for about 45 minutes to an hour till they are soft.

I usually will cook a big pot of it and then cool it in the refrigerator for light dessert after dinner. Enjoy.