The different between many fried noodles we find out there perhaps are the noodles itself, things they put in the noodles and the way they cook it. I love noodle anyway it is cooked. The fried one tastes and smells better.

This is the way I cooked it. We need: dried or pre cooked noodles, lots of greens, meat and sauces.

Vegetables that I used are bean sprouts, greens, garlic chives and garlic.
Meat that I prefered are Shrimps, chicken and fish cakes or any other meat that you liked.
sauces: Dark and light soya sauce (you may add fish and oyster sauce if you have it), and white pepper.

Lots of bean sprouts.
Garlic Chives.
Slice fish cakes, shrimps and chicken.
Dried noodles for 3 people.
Boil the noodle, drain the water, add a bit of cooking oil to prevent them from sticking together.

Now we start to fry. Heat the wok and add 3 table spoons of cooking oil. We do not need more as the noodle has been oiled.

Fry the garlic untill it turns brown.
Add chicken.

Add shrimps.

Add fish cakes, salt or soya sauce and white pepper to taste.

Add greens. fry the stems first as they take more time to cook.

Add garlic chives.

and then the noodles and dark soya sauce and other sauces if you prefered.

Last add bean sprouts and stir fry them for 10 minutes.

All done.

Ready to be served.