I have wanted to write about my new little helper the vacuum cleaner, the minute I opened the vacuum dirt container and found it did a good job of picking upp dust, hairs, and dirt from all over my apartment floor. I have been eyeing this vacuum cleaner for quite sometime ever since I read the good review about it on papers. But I had since refrained from buying it because it was quite costly. During these times, I could only dream that if only I had that vacuum, I can do other house chores without worrying when to clean the apartment, as it takes a lot of my time just to vacuum the apartment.

So to cut the story short, I finally got it. I love it so very much. We set it up for it to start vacuuming the apartment at 8 am once every two days. At the exact time, the vacuum will turn on by itself and start cleaning the house. At first I was so worried that it might get stuck under the sofa or bed and so I followed it around while it did the vacuuming. It picked up a lot of dust and dirt that piled up under the bed and sofa and at places that are difficult to reach for me to clean. Although it didn’t do it perfectly but I am very pleased to say that the vacuum lives up to that good review.

It picks up the signal from lighthouse and creates invincible line which the vacuum won’t cross over it.
It cleans corners.
It has little brush with three arms at one side of the vacuum.
Includes two lighthouses.
The vacuum will go back to its base after cleaning and recharge the battery.

It comes with two light houses. The vacuum picks up signal from lighthouses and does not go over the boundaries where we place them. I can let it run around picking up anything on the floor while doing the practice, or while cooking and the list can go on and on. It gives me a peace of mind and not to worry when to clean the apartment. I must confess that I am such a lazy bum and do not vacuum my apartment daily as I want to. Look what it picked up when it ran around my apartment. Now I know how dirty my place was (picture below is the dirt it picked up on the very first time). Oh, how I love this little vacuum dearly. Now should I name it?

Happy Saturday. 🙂