Few weeks ago while browsing books in the bookstore, I came acrossed some very interesting Japanese cook books. Too bad that I do not read any Jap at all otherwise I would have bought some of the Jap cook books. Flipping through pages of them and looking at those delicious pictures of food made me drooling. Wishing that I knew how to cook those meals. I came home deflated, but still remembered some of the pictures. I promised to myself that I would try it sometime.

So this is what I tried at home as I remembered it. I did not write down the recipes but use my own imagination; mashed potatoes, sweet corn, few pinches of salt, milk and butter.

In the tray were: rice flour, beaten eggs and crumbs. (left to right)

I used both hands to mold those potatoes and corn mixture into ball shape or any shapes you like and rolled, dipped them on the tray prepared.

And then fried them in the hot oil for few minutes.

This is what they looked like.

They look so delicious, you might want to try it yourself. Bon appetit.

Happy Saturday !