Yay! Noodle time again. Does anyone like noodle? I love noodle anyway you cook it. It is the easiest meal that I often cook for my family and myself. It doesn’t take too much time to prepare and it is a meal in a rush. There are many ways to cook it with many different toppings to go with it. I particularly love the chicken mushroom topping the most for my noodle.

Do you still remember The Steam Chicken Rice post on June 4, 2012? https://brushespapers.wordpress.com/2012/06/09/steam-chicken-rice/

The topping is identical with it. This time I use fresh mushroom instead of dried one. It is softer and taste much better than dried one. But the kids said that it tastes a bit bitter which I do not taste it.

This is for one person serving.
Please refer to the chicken rice posting on June 4th. Thank you.

Boil the noodle for a few minutes, add in all your preference vegetables and drain the water. If you like your noodle with soup, you might want to make chicken broth and add the already cooked noodles and vegetables in the soup. At last add the chicken topping generously. Garnish them with spring onion.

I usually have my noodle with pickle and fresh-cut bird’s-eye chilli and soya sauce. I believe you have enough chicken topping for whole family. Do enjoy this beautiful Saturday meal with family and a delicious breakfast/lunch noodles.

Let me leave you with a piano cover “Because of You” by After School, played by my daughter. To listen please hit the link below.