I am sure most of you have eaten instant noodles before. I am also sure that many just boiled the noodle and ate it plain without added anything in it. I want to share some of the noodles idea that we had at home. I love going to the ramen house and have some of their noodles with family and friends. I got this idea from the ramen house and tried it at home. This is what I cooked.

I added pre-cooked beef, half boiled egg, cabbage and bean sprouts.
sprinkled it with shredded seaweed.
I bought beef instant noodle.
I bought beef instant noodle.

To prepare the beef (this is the topping): cut the beef into small pieces and boil it in water until it is soft and tender. Pre heat oil in the wok, stir fry dried chilly and chop dried prawn until they are slightly brown. Also add a table-spoon of bean paste and the cooked beef. Stir fry them for another five minutes or so.

Boil the noodle along with cabbage and all of the seasoning which come with the noodle in the package. To prevent the noodle from becoming soggy and over cook, we just cook it about half done. Turn off the heat, place the noodle in the bowl add some bean sprouts and half boiled egg and pre-cooked beef topping on it. It is as simple as that. Once again Enjoy!