My teenage nephew Kev who lives with my parents, had wanted to have a barbeque with some of  his classmates for quite sometime. After the exam, as promised we went shopping and bought some of the stuff for the barbeque. What he failed to mention was that he invited his entire class home. We thought he only had less than 10 friends over and didn’t expect him to ask all of his friends to the barbeque. How on earth were we going to feed an entire army of hungry teens? Although my mom loves to cook but I didn’t have the heart to let her prepared all the cook food for them. So we divided the work; my mom fried the noodles and I fried the rice, the rest were all the meat needed to be grilled.

When I delivered the fried rice that evening, I was blown away to see so much food for Kev’s BBQ dinner. Besides all those meat, mom also prepared Indonesian skewered chicken as well. I went home with 20 sticks of them which I grilled at home for dinner. They tasted delicious and even better than what we had from Indonesian restaurant.

We marinated the chicken with crushed and chopped garlic, shallots and sweet soy sauce for a few hours. Actually, Indonesian skewered chicken usually do not need marinating but in this case we prepared it just like local food here. Then we skewered and grilled them. Prepare peanut sauce for the dip: for conveniences we just use peanut butter add sugar, crushed and fine chopped garlic, a few drop of lemon juice and a tea-spoon of sweet dark sauce. How does it look? Happy Saturday.