Cooking for a family can be a bit of frustration sometimes. I do not want to have repeated food on the table for every two weeks, but have no idea what to cook for them. A simple meal which does not take up so much of my time preparing and cooking it would be a great idea. Besides having recipes data bank, I too have to have ideas and creativity.

Lets have something which is light and not too greasy instead. Let’s just have egg rolls then. We have not had the rolls for quite sometimes. I tried to have it the way we like it. Egg rolls filled with vegetables instead of just cabbages inside. As you can see, I used shredded carrots, bean sprout and any ground meat you preferred.

Pre-cooked the filling by stir fried the meat and shredded carrots until it is soft, then add seasoning and at last add the bean sprout. Please do not over cook the sprout. It is fine even they are raw because we will fry the egg rolls later.

Spread egg roll sheet, fill and roll them just like the one in the pictures. If you preferred, you may eat it without frying them, but please steam the sheets for a few minutes before you wrap the filling. I might say the fried rolls taste better than the steam one. Enjoy and Happy Saturday.

egg rolls7

egg rolls6

egg rolls1

egg rolls2

egg rolls3

egg rolls5