Many times when I go to the supermarket and am in the middle of the abundancement of fresh produce, I usually would feel so lost. There are so many fruit and vegetables to choose from and yet I do not know which one to buy. It seems like every vegetable on display has been bought and cooked at home. Now all I need is to cook something different from what we usually have. Something simple to prepare and which my family loves it.

The colorful sweet red yellow bell peppers and mushroom looked so good that day, so I decided to have them for dinner. With the food scare nowadays, I preferred to have my vegies cook instead of eating them raw. It gives me peace of mind to know that the meal is safe. Now how does stir fried bell peppers mushrooms sound? They are quick to prepare and a simple stir fry just like any other stir fry vegetables.

We begin with stir frying the minced garlic in pre-heat oil wok/pan until it is slightly brown. Add the sliced peppers and mushrooms, stir fry them for few minutes until they are soft and tender. Season them with a table-spoon of oyster sauce. (I usually do not use any other seasoning besides oyster sauce when cooking vegetables). At last add a mixture of corn starch (a tea-spoon) and water (a table-spoon) on top of it and stir fry for a minute is all we need. This way it will give a nice texture to the vegetables when they are done. For those who preferred to have gravy in their vegetables, just add a bit more of corn starch water in it. Please enjoy and Happy Saturday!