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January 2013

Oatmeal Butter Prawns (麥片蝦)

Have you ever heard and tried oatmeal butter prawns? This dish popular name is nestle prawns. It is because nestle cereal is usually used instead of breakfast oatmeal. A bit sweet crunchiness of fried oatmeal and crispiness prawns coupled with the curry leaves aroma make it tasty and a favorite to our family. I tried making it the other day. Cooking new dish usually makes me so nervous as I didn’t know how the dish would turn out. It took me a bit longer to prepare this dish and cook. Mainly because the prawns needed to be cleaned, cut, trimmed and fried. Cereal needed to be stir-fried separately.

We need: prawns, curry leaves, 3 table-spoon of oatmeal (preferebly two sachets of 3 in 1 nestum/nestle cereal), minced garlic, butter. If you use ordinary oatmeal, please add a tea-spoon sugar and non-dairy creamer and mix them well.


1. Clean the prawns: trim away the feelers of prawns and cut into half but leave the shells and remember to pat dry the prawns with paper towel. If you prefered you may toss in salt and a bit of corn starch to give flavor to prawns. Let it sit for 10 minutes.

2. In a very hot oil wok fry the prawns brown and set aside.

3. Remove oil from the wok, heat up the butter over medium heat. Brown the garlic and curry leaves till fragrance (you may add cut bird-eye chilly into the wok and stir fry them together) and add the cereal. Stir fry them till brown. When it is done, heat off and immediately add the cereal into the crisped prawns.

Try it, I guarantee you’ll love it. Happy Saturday!
cereal prawns3

cereal prawns2

cereal prawns1

cereal prawns

Sweet and Sour Fish (糖醋魚)

To be honest with you, I rarely cook fish at home. I usually will avoid cooking big fish because I do not know how to clean it. The most that I do is buy fish fillet or small fish. Last week when I went to a wet market next to my apartment to get prawns, the seller asked if I would get the fish as well and offered to clean it for me. That was the reason we had this fish for dinner that night. 🙂


1. Clean fish and make slices on its sides.

2. Cut carrots match stick long.

3. For sweet and sour sauce: 2 table-spoon of ketchup, 2 tea-spoon corn starch, water, vinegar, sugar and salt to taste.

4. Heat wok with lots of oil enough to deep fry the fish.

If you like before the frying, you may rub the fish with a bit of salt and corn starch on its sides to give a bit of flavor and to preserve the whole fish. In the pre-heated oil wok (remember this should be really hot oil) quickly fry the fish brown and put it aside. Stir cook the mixture no.3 and add carrot. Until carrots cooked and to your preferable taste, the sauce is done. At last pour it on top of the fish and it is ready to be served.

Happy Saturday.

sweet n sour fish1

sweet n sour fish2

sweet n sour fish3

sweet n sour fish4

Stir-Fried Shrimps and Egg (滑蛋蝦仁)

Today dish is the simplest and easiest that I ever cooked. It is as simple as frying an egg. We need: de-shelled shrimps, eggs, chopped green onion, corn/potato starch and salt. For those who do not have time to peel the shrimp shells, I believe you can find frozen de-shelled shrimps in the supermarket for this.


  1. Quickly deep shrimps in boil water to wash away the smell.
  2. Beat the eggs, add a bit of water (10 cc), 2 tea spoons of corn/potato starch, add salt to taste, a few drops of sesame oil, the chopped green onion and shrimps.
  3. In the pre-heat wok fry the mixture 2.

When frying the eggs be very careful not to over cook it. Just keep stir mix the egg to avoid over cook the bottom part. It is supposed to look like watery egg and shrimps (mine looked a bit well done). Happy Saturday.




What Did You Have On New Year’s Eve?

When we grew up, our parents just started their own small business. Although the business was just starting, it took all of their energy, attention, time and barely left anything for us. But I never forget that on special occasions mom always cooked for us and we would sat together as family enjoying the feast together.

Out of the year, there were three days that mom would spared her time to cook for us was when there were: New year, Chinese new year and dad’s Birthday. We usually would joyfully counting days until they arrived. Mom’s cooking is always the best in this whole wide world (who doesn’t think their moms’ cooking like that?). We would have special food on those special days in which we never had everyday.

Days gone by, we are getting old and so do our parents. The children married and live at other places. It is difficult to be together when we all live at different countries. This new year’s eve mom only cooked very simple dinner for just a few of us.  Instead of those rich food she usually would cooked during these special days, we just had a very ordinary meal.  Here is what we had on new year’s eve.  Happy New Year!

new yr6

stir fried mushroom and chinese cabbage
stir fried mushroom and chinese cabbage

new yr5

grilled fish
grilled fish
fried meat balls: ground meat, shrimps, carrots, and water chesnut
fried meat balls: ground meat, shrimps, carrots, and water chestnut
fish balls soup
fish balls soup

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