Today dish is the simplest and easiest that I ever cooked. It is as simple as frying an egg. We need: de-shelled shrimps, eggs, chopped green onion, corn/potato starch and salt. For those who do not have time to peel the shrimp shells, I believe you can find frozen de-shelled shrimps in the supermarket for this.


  1. Quickly deep shrimps in boil water to wash away the smell.
  2. Beat the eggs, add a bit of water (10 cc), 2 tea spoons of corn/potato starch, add salt to taste, a few drops of sesame oil, the chopped green onion and shrimps.
  3. In the pre-heat wok fry the mixture 2.

When frying the eggs be very careful not to over cook it. Just keep stir mix the egg to avoid over cook the bottom part. It is supposed to look like watery egg and shrimps (mine looked a bit well done). Happy Saturday.