In all these years since I learn to paint, I always believe there is no point in selling half-baked paintings. Insofar I accumulated hundreds of paintings from practices I did. Every single one of my painting is very special to me. I want to keep them all either good or bad. For years, I am reluctant to part with any of them because each of them holds my thought, feeling and moments. They witnessed my progress, frustration, sadness and even shared my secret. Until recent flood disaster that happened in Jakarta-Indonesia few weeks ago, moved me to want to participate and to help. To tell you the truth, I do not have money to donate, I too unable to help them with my time because I am not physically there. All I have are those paintings which lay in my drawers collecting dust and perhaps begging to let them out.

The devastation destroyed hundreds of homes and properties. It misplaced thousands of families. The misery from flood makes anyone cries. While talking to a friend who was coordinating the donation, I mentioned if it would help at all by donating my paintings. She welcomed the donation.

Below paintings were the first two that I intended to donate but I think two paintings will not help much at all, that was why I am donating all of them. My friend and her team will frame the paintings and sell them. I am just hoping there are people who are generous enough want to buy. As of now they plan to use the money to plant mangrove in the areas which were hit badly by the flood. So hopefully this little contribution will be able to help at all. God Bless.

the bridge the barn