There are so many ways to steam fish. As I am not a good cook and do not have much time to spare in the kitchen, to me, the simplest and quickest way is the best way to cook. Furthermore, adding so many ingredients in fish tend to delude the taste of the meat too. Simple ginger and garlic is all I like. We need whole fresh fish, chopped ginger and garlic and thin cut green onion and couple table-spoon of cooking wine. The wine is to be used on the fish to give flavour to the fish as well as get rid of the smell.

1. Clean and scale the fish.  Pour a couple of table-spoons cooking wine on the fish before steaming it.

2. Steam the fish for 10 minutes and pour away the excess water in it.

3. Fry the ginger and garlic till slightly brown and add a couple of table-spoons soy sauce.

Place the cut green onion on top of fish. Pour the hotly fried garlic ginger and soy sauce on the fish.  At last garnish it with coriander.  Well, how does it look?

Happy Saturday!

steam fish3

steam fish4

steam fish2

steam fish1