Have you ever wondered when you are in Jap restaurant having that delicious teriyaki chicken, how do I cook that chicken? Well I have thought about it since that first try at the restaurant.

I like to carry my ipad mini every where ever since I was given and love to browse in the app store, looking for anything free. Either they are games, food recipes or anything silly or useless apps to download and for me to pass the time.

Last week while browsing the recipes, I stumbled upon this easy to cook teriyaki recipe among so many recipes that I downloaded. This is the teriyaki result that I tried. It tasted very close to the one we had from the restaurant.

All we need is chicken thigh (preferably boneless chicken with skin). Pierce the chicken with a fork so that it would better absorb the sauce. In my case I sliced the chicken. Place the skin side of the chicken onto the pan’s surface and pan-fry it until the skin becomes brown. Turn it over and fry it until the other side of the chicken becomes white. Wipe off the oil that comes out of the chicken with paper towels. Add 100 cc of water and a little bit of salt, cover the pan with a lid, and simmer it over low heat.

When the chicken is cooked, add sugar and soy sauce and simmer it over low heat. The chicken should be turned over every once in a while. It is done when the broth becomes thick. Slice the chicken and pour the broth over the chicken after it has been cut. It is very easy, right? Try it and let me know how it turns out. Happy trying!