This fruit salad is commonly known as rujak in Indonesia or rojak in Singapore and Malaysia. It is a variety of cut/shredded tropical fruit mix together in palm sugar and peanut sauce. The sweet sauce can be mixed together with the fruit or just a dip. It is believed that using mortal to grind the palm sugar and peanut to make its sauce would be much tastier than using blender. For me personally, there isn’t any difference other than we can make the sauce as little as a plate serving. Unlike using blender, we have to put certain amount in it in order to make the blender spins.

There were not many tropical fruit choices for this rujak available here. So I just bought whatever could be found in the market. Here are what I found: turnip, cucumber, pineapple, mango and green apple. Please don’t worry if the fruit is sour because we will mix it with that sugary sauce. For the sauce/dip: palm sugar, peanut, tamarind water and a bit of salt.

Use the mortal to grind palm sugar, peanut (peanut should be roasted first), a bit of salt and a few table-spoon of tamarind water. For those who like it hot may add chilly in it. Grind them until it becomes thick. Cut the fruit in pieces, place them on the sauce, mix and cover all well with the sauce. A little tip here: to make the fruit less sour once you eat them make sure you cut the most sour fruit first and mix with that sugary sauce. Because the last fruit cut will get less sauce.

Enjoy and Happy Saturday!