Because I was kinda lazy and did not want to prepare vegetable for dinner that night, this was the reason we had peanut sauce dip with a variety of fruit and vegies. Growing up in Indonesia, we practically had everything eaten with peanuts in our food. So naturally when I was preparing to make a dip, the first thing came into my mind was peanut sauce. This time I just used peanut butter instead of roasting the peanuts. My preference of the peanut sauce tastes a bit sweet and sour. Just add lemon juice/tamarind water/vinegar, sugar and a bit of water in your peanut butter and ta daa.. you have a peanut sauce dip now. In the plate that goes with the sauce are: grapes, apples, carrots, grape tomatoes with tiny slices of preserve plum (cut V shape out those tomatoes and put in tiny slices of dried plum) to add flavour to tomatoes, cucumber, hard-boiled eggs and fried tofu. Now instead of those chips and cheese dip you eat a healthy food for once. Happy Saturday !