I don’t know why people in Indonesia call this an Egyptian or Indian pancake at all. My guess is because it is similar flatbread filled with ground meat found in those countries that got this popular name. This pancake is a common street food which can be found on streets of Jakarta. When I was studying in US, a friend taught me the fastest and easiest way to make this pancake. It suited well for many students there who did not know how to cook, did not have time and money and wanted to eat familiar food from home. And I have been making the pancake this way ever since. We do not have to make that dough, flip or roll it for that matter. Just get the burritos skins/wraps as the bread as easy as that.

We need ground meat, spring onions (lots of it and chopped), eggs (beaten), and wraps. The ground meat should be seasoned and cooked first. What I did was, stir fried the ground meat with garlic and seasoned it to taste with soy sauce, sugar and dark soy sauce.

Once the meat is cooked, we proceed to fry the pancake. Bit 2 eggs in a bowl, add chopped spring onion and meat (no need to add any seasoning because the meat is seasoned). Pre heat the frying pan with oil. Use bigger frying pan than the wrap to better flip the wraps later. Place a piece of wrap on the heated oil pan and pour the bitten eggs with everything in it on the wrap. Immediately put another piece of wrap on top of that eggs. Use the tip of your spatula to seal edges of the wraps. Once they are sealed and brown, flip it over and fry the other side of the wrap until both sides are brown. Similarly you may use egg roll skins, but they are not as full and crispy as the wrap. The last two pictures are the ones with egg roll skins. It was lumpy and tasted like meat omelette with a thin layer skin. Happy trying!