Have you ever visited Singapore? Or if you live here you know that we are famous for our food. Any kind of food can be found here, from the cheapest of hawker’s (kopitiam) food to the most expensive of five to six stars restaurants food. You name it, we probably have it. Food is everywhere in the island. We are practically being spoilt by the enormous variation of food here.

In particular, I love its local delight that many here call nyonya kueh. Bite-size snack or dessert which are mostly steamed and sweet savoury, and commonly found here in the region (Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore). It is so comforting to have familiar food from home easily accessible here. Especially because I am fond of having tea/coffee in the afternoon and these kueh are an inseparable combination with my cup of tea. It’s a blend of sweet and bitter in this perfect fusion. Being a favorite to my family, I would buy it frequently when I have the chance.

Here are some of kueh that we had several days ago. They are made of cassava, sweet potatoes, glutinous rice, corn, rice flour, coconut etc. They all taste sweet but each has its own distinctive flavor. If you ever come to this region, I highly recommend you to try out our local delights. But a word of caution, those kueh are very addictive. Happy Saturday!

來過東南亞和吃過當地喜悅的糕嗎? 印尼, 新洲和馬國一帶有各式不同好吃的當地糕哦! 週末愉快!