Recently I came across paintings by Park Sunga, a South Korean who has painted so many drip and fade out of focus dreamy architectural watercolor around the world. I was in awe. Her work attracted me so much that I itched to try it on rice paper. I know that it would be a challenge to paint on rice paper. Because rice paper is totally different from any watercolor papers. It is very thin and delicate. It absorbs water immediately the brush lands on it. I had no idea how it would turn out with so much water loaded brush on paper. So I found one of her easiest dreamy building to emulate. The result is not very good. Furthermore, I could not use any permanent ink pen to outline the building. You can tell there are very visible thick and thin outline here and there. I think I might try it again some other time, just for the fun of it. Please take a look at what I did.

practice 409