Yesterday was mid-Autumn festival. Again there is mooncakes madness everywhere. The traditional mooncakes were baked and stuffed with lotus seed paste, salted duck egg yolk, or five typed of nuts. Nowadays people are getting very creative in making mooncakes. There is snow skin mooncake which used glutinous rice crust with fruit fillings which people believe is not high calories, high cholesterol, less oily and more healthier. People usually eat mooncakes couple with Chinese tea.

mooncake and tea and chrysanthemum 18-09-2013

The mooncake boxes are so beautiful and some are reusable for other purposes. Mooncake usually comes in a box of four. We can choose any fillings we like. There is a visible writing on the crust of mooncake which indicates the name of the bakery and flavour of the cakes. The moon is at its brightest and fullest on this day too. Happy Mid-Autumn!

moon cake1

moon cake2

moon cake3