As I was finishing the last few coatings on this painting, I suddenly thought this painting looked kinda familiar.  It looked like the neighborhood scenery somewhere…  Does this look like Mr. Roger’s neighborhood?  This was from newspapers’ clipping few weeks ago in the real estate section.  I thought I just cut it and would see if I wanted to paint that for a change.  The car was actually a newer model of SUV but I painted it too small.  The scale was so wrong and I didn’t want to throw away the almost finish painting.  So I painted a Volkswagen Kombi instead.  To make it look bigger compare to the rest of houses there.  haha…  I know .. I know the painting does not look right.  Tell you the truth, I had never learned how to sketch, it was kinda awkward  to do that.  I just use brush and ink and start painting all these years. Surprisingly I rarely made mistakes or if I did make that mistakes, I usually would be able to cover it somehow.  I guess I should think of taking that sketching lessons now.  🙂

practice 428