I have been having so much fun doing once a week sketching which I would post every Saturday for a few weeks now. Learning to sketch by myself without a teacher can be very frustrating at time. I have to search the internet to find out the right way to do it and many other related information on it. Every sketching is learnt by trial and error.

From the net I noticed many sketchers draw things that they see on their daily activities. So I too started learning these small steps just like many do by sketching what I see daily. Today sketch is about some of the tools that I used for sketching.

Initially after done coloring this drawing with watercolor pencils, I did not want to add water to it because I just realized that there is an unfinished drawing at the back of it. Normally I will not draw anything at the back of any drawings but this particular drawing was kinda long and I continued it to the next page. That was why it ended at the back of it. After much consideration, I thought I might as well add water to the drawing. So I know what watercolor pencils look like if water was added.  (This is my very first time using watercolor pencils 🙂 )

Anyway, below are the cheap fountain pens that I bought online and would like to try them on future sketches.  However, I have not found any waterproof ink yet so I just shelved the idea of using them. For the time being, I use my microns and rapidograph pens to sketch.

practice 513 - #25

watercolor pencils and water
watercolor pencils and water

practice 513 - my tools

*Chinese made Hero 891 was used for name of pens.  It is fine nib and costs USD 4.99.  The cheapest among so many that I bought. A very solid metal pen with ultra smooth flow of ink too. I love it.