“Mommy, my feet hurt!”: cried my daughter Tata. Really?

Tata started learning the piano when she was four and half years old. I wanted so badly for her to be able to play a musical instrument because I did not have a chance to learn when I was growing up. Hence, we bought a second-hand piano and enrolled her in once a week piano lesson. She has been practicing and playing the piano ever since that very day.

I still remember vividly whenever Tata practiced her piano, in middle of the practice she would often stop. As a result, I would have reminded her to keep going and not stopped so often during practices. But one day, she was so upset and refused to play. She cried and told me that her feet hurt badly. I thought her fingers should be the ones that hurt after playing. Never did I realize that her dangling feet would be so sore and she didn’t know the difference between sore and hurt.

Time flies so fast, that was more than a decade ago. Nowadays, she doesn’t complain about her feet anymore but would give me that death glare whenever I ask her to play some of my fave songs.  (Her reason is my songs are so very old she would not be caught playing those haha…)  Anyway, it is a sweet investment return to enjoy listening to those songs on piano on weekend morning while reading my papers or doing my daily practices.

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