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May 2014

Practice 566 – #35

Does your work desk reflect your character? This is what you will usually see on my work desk.  It is very messy and untidy.  Things would be left scattered on the table if I was half way done with paintings.  I have a very big white ceramic bowl of water which I use regularly for cleaning my brushes. The reason I use ceramic is because it is easy to wash and  the color wont stain on it.  Those small little things that stack up together are my color trays.  I have bigger stacking trays however, they used up my desk space so I bought small soya sauce dip trays to replace them. Nowadays because I paint daily I don’t bother to grind the ink anymore. Bottle ink from bookstore is very convenient and it can be used instantly without grinding. My teacher is of an old-school and I bet I would be scolded by him if he knew I use bottle ink to paint. 😄 Happy Saturday!

practice 566 - #35

Practice 561 – #34

Cycle-rickshaw (Becak) used to be one of the most popular transportation modes in the capital city of Indonesia until it was banned decades ago due to its propensity to cause traffic jam. However, we still can find these cycle rickshaws in many rural areas of the country. Becak is a three-wheeled pedal-powered bike with a passenger seat, is the descendant of the original hand-pulled rickshaws that originated in Japan in the 19th Century. It is unknown when the rickshaw was first seen in Jakarta. But it was believed that they were brought in from Singapore and Hong kong to Batavia/Jakarta in 1930s.

Imagine how excited I was to see some of traditional transportation still exist when I went back to Indonesia few years ago.  Here is the link

This is a link to wonderful Indonesia promotion link if you are interested

practice 561 -#34

Practice 555 – #33

I like masks.  Masks that are not scary are fun to look at.  Masks often used in many folk story telling.  This is an Indonesian mask.  I have no idea if this is used in any story telling dance.  In Indonesia, people often use masks to perform dramatic Indonesian dance.  Each place in many of Indonesian provinces has its own masked dance.  They tell many various stories which are accompanied by narratives and traditional musical.

When I was growing up, I often watched these dances on many local TV programs.  Honestly speaking, I have no idea what they were talking about and what was going on.  They were so fascinating that I often did not care even if I could not understand.   Those  colorful clothing  and masks that  the performers wore were very vivid and it spiced up the whole story telling drama too.

practice 555 - #33 indonesian mask

Practice 550 – #32

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”  That is what many say and I am sure you all have heard it.  There are always 3 clean wash and cut apples on my table daily along with our breakfast (apples are always shared not eaten alone).  But Many times the apples just left half eaten. To make matter worst they are easily turned brown and become unattractive.  I normally will finish them all (no point in throwing away perfectly good apples, right?), sometimes until my jaw hurts because of the chewing too.

So I bought this mr. blender to save my teeth and jaw and to make my family eat fruit daily.  I would blend these assorted fruit into smoothies, add milk and condense milk and ice in it to make the juices taste better, sweet and cold.  And who knows that my family loves it and now they can’t live without my fruit juices too.  haha…  So have you had your fruit today?  Go grab that apples/fruit and stay healthy!

practice 550 - #32

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