“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”  That is what many say and I am sure you all have heard it.  There are always 3 clean wash and cut apples on my table daily along with our breakfast (apples are always shared not eaten alone).  But Many times the apples just left half eaten. To make matter worst they are easily turned brown and become unattractive.  I normally will finish them all (no point in throwing away perfectly good apples, right?), sometimes until my jaw hurts because of the chewing too.

So I bought this mr. blender to save my teeth and jaw and to make my family eat fruit daily.  I would blend these assorted fruit into smoothies, add milk and condense milk and ice in it to make the juices taste better, sweet and cold.  And who knows that my family loves it and now they can’t live without my fruit juices too.  haha…  So have you had your fruit today?  Go grab that apples/fruit and stay healthy!

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