Does your work desk reflect your character? This is what you will usually see on my work desk.  It is very messy and untidy.  Things would be left scattered on the table if I was half way done with paintings.  I have a very big white ceramic bowl of water which I use regularly for cleaning my brushes. The reason I use ceramic is because it is easy to wash and  the color wont stain on it.  Those small little things that stack up together are my color trays.  I have bigger stacking trays however, they used up my desk space so I bought small soya sauce dip trays to replace them. Nowadays because I paint daily I don’t bother to grind the ink anymore. Bottle ink from bookstore is very convenient and it can be used instantly without grinding. My teacher is of an old-school and I bet I would be scolded by him if he knew I use bottle ink to paint. 😄 Happy Saturday!

practice 566 - #35