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September 2014

Glass Engraving Try Out

I had been so restless lately and had no idea what to do to inspire my daily practices anymore.  So as a result, I watched a lot of youtube videos and read anything that could help ease this boredom.  While searching the videos I chanced upon Lesley Pyke glass engraving videos.  Her glass engraving work is so beautiful that I too would like to try out.  Trying to paint on glass is not as easy as painting on piece of paper.  For starter, all the tools used are totally different and heavier.  My hands have to be very steady and firm otherwise, lines that have been engraved on glass can not be erased or do it over.  I have to be very careful, eyes alert and hand steady on how I land the bit on glass to make those lines.  This is my first glass engraving.  Happy Saturday!




The Tale of Mid Autumn Festival

Take a look at the moon tonight, it will be at its brightest.  It is the Mid Autumn Festival (September 8, 2014) again.  We do not celebrate the festive like we used to when all the kids were young.  But we still enjoy having mooncakes and tea at home.  So this year we tried the durian ice cream mooncakes which were selling very well.    Here are some of the pictures and a tale of those mooncakes from long time ago. Enjoy.

A tale of the Mid-Autumn Festival story which I want to share. Source:

During the Yuan dynasty (A.D.1280-1368) China was ruled by the Mongolian people. Leaders from the preceding Sung dynasty (A.D.960-1280) were unhappy at submitting to foreign rule, and set how to coordinate the rebellion without it being discovered. The leaders of the rebellion, knowing that the Moon Festival was drawing near, ordered the making of special cakes. Backed into each moon cake was a message with the outline of the attack. On the night of the Moon Festival, the rebels successfully attacked and overthrew the government. What followed was the establishment of the Ming dynasty (A.D. 1368-1644). Today, moon cakes are eaten to commemorate this legend. Happy Mid Autumn.





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