This is a five-day art challenge that I accepted.  I was tagged to do a three pieces painting for five days by Mary at Oil Pastels By Mary.  Mary is a very talented artist.  Her work is incredible.  You will enjoy what you find at her blog.

Day one:  I did bamboos (13.5 in x 18 in), lotus (13.5 in x 18 in) and orchids (13.5 in x13.5 in) paintings.  They are all painted using Chinese rice papers, ink & watercolour.  Bamboo (summer) and orchid (spring) are two of the four gentlemen that we have to learn as a foundation in Chinese painting.

I would love to see Alf Sukatmo at Be Illustrated join in on the challenge, he has a great blog.  Alf is an illustrator, graphic designer and a talented artist.  He has added many awards to his background too.

practice 715 - Bamboos
practice 715 – Bamboos
practice 716 - Lotus
practice 716 – Lotus
practice 717 - chrysanthemum
practice 717 – Orchid