This is a five-day art challenge that I accepted.  I was tagged to do a three pieces painting for five days by Mary at Oil Pastel by Mary.  Mary is a very talented artist.  Her work is incredible.  You will enjoy what you find at her blog.

Day three:  I did magnolia with birds (13.5 in x 18 in), blue peonies (13.5 in x 18 in) and tulips (13.5 in x 18 in) paintings.  They are all painted using Chinese rice papers, ink & watercolour. In Chinese painting width of strokes determine by: Center Brush Stroke which is the basis of the Chinese art and calligraphy.  It uses only 1/3 of the brush and limits the width of stroke; Slant Stroke and Full Stroke which uses the full wipe length of the brush. Remember practice makes perfect.

I would love to see Brad young at Brad Young Art  join in on the challenge, he has a great blog. Brad drew since he was very young.  You will have fun and find humour in every drawing and doodles he did at his blog.

practice 721 - magnolia and birds
practice 721 – magnolia and birds
practice 722 - blue peonies
practice 722 – blue peonies
practice 723 - tulips
practice 723 – tulips