This is a five-day art challenge that I accepted. I was tagged to do a three pieces painting for five days by Mary at Oil Pastel by Mary. Mary is a very talented artist. Her work is incredible. You will enjoy what you find at her blog.

Day five: I did gold fishes (13.5 in x 27.5 in), cranes (13.5 in x 18 in) and chickens (18 in x 27.5 in) paintings. They are all painted using Chinese rice papers, ink & watercolour.

Chinese calligraphy and painting are not complete without a name and seal of the author on them.  In addition, a “leisure seal” with auspicious saying can be used to provide balance with the name seal.  Seals are used after the work has been finished, and are placed deference to the over-arching rhythms and movements of the work itself.  In Chinese art, there is always small or large red emblems interspersed through the work.  The emblems may appear disruptive, but they are in fact integral to the Chinese idea of the authorship and authentication.

Chinese seals are typically made of stones, sometimes wood, bamboo, metal, ivory or plastic, and are typically used with red ink or cinnabar paste (seal paste).

Seal paste: the standard colour of seal paste is red, but other colour such as navy, black, yellow etc. can be used for specific purposes. Seal paste is made from pulverized cinnabar mixed with Castor oil and silk strands.  The silk strands bind the mixtures together to form a very thick substance.  It has a very oily appearance and tends to be bright red in colour.

Today is the last day of my five-day art challenge.  I thank you very much for this opportunity to be challenged. It’s been fun and challenging to do three pieces painting a day continuously for five days. Thank you so much for the comments, words of encouragement and the visits.  I hope my paintings delight and entertain you. I am not gonna tag anyone today but would love to know if there is anyone who would like to be challenged for five days as well?   Please show us that you too can endure this “hard work”  for five days.  😄

practice 727 - gold fishes
practice 727 – gold fishes
practice 728 - cranes
practice 728 – cranes
chickens 04-03-2015
chickens 04-03-2015


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