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January 2017

Practice 1053

practice 1053.jpg

Practice 1052

practice 1052.jpg

Practice 1051

practice 1051.jpg

Practice 1050

practice 1050.jpg

Practice 1049

practice 1049.jpg

Practice 1048

practice 1048.jpg

It’s great to be here again.  I missed you all.  But please bear with me, I am not sure what happens to my wordpress.  I can not access it now.  No idea if it was blocked or something else.  Will try to resolve it.

Practice 1047

It’s been awhile since the last time I posted any paintings.  Now officially I/we have moved out of the country. It is kind of sad to leave.  I have lived in Singapore for almost 21 years; got married there, have a daughter, raised and educated her the way many Sporeans do.  Life has been good and we have also made many good friends. Thank you Singapore for all that you have given us. These experiences and memories will always be cherished forever.

practice 1047.jpg

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