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June 2017

Practice 1137

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How to grow lotus from seeds

Since I posted lotus painting today, I too would like to share my experience of growing the lotus seeds.  I have been drawing lotus for years so naturally I am a bit curious of how to grow the lotus. Two months ago I bought 20 pieces of lotus seeds from the internet.  I learnt how to grow them from youtube. But unfortunately, I mishandled the first 10 seeds. They all died in the first few weeks. Now I was more careful of the last 10.

It is very easy to grow lotus seeds. You just need to soak them in warm water for a few days. But before you soak the seeds, they need to be scored by grinding/sanding the end of the seed (the pointed end) until you see the white part. This is to help water to sip in seeds and plants to grow.


Changed the water every day with new warm water then placed them in partial sun. They need warm temperature to grow.  After a few weeks when the roots established, you can plant them. Plant them in clay like mud soil.


Because I want to contain the lotus not to grow all over the big container, I used two containers: one is for the lotus, the bigger one is for my guppy fishes.


Within a month, you will see all leaves start to grow.  Now all I have to do is enjoy the plants grow.  I believe it will bloom next year this time.  Please do not feed the fishes.  They help eat the mosquitos.

Happy Wednesday!




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