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December 2017

Practice 1249

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Practice 1248

The blue-and-yellow macaw, also known as the blue-and-gold macaw, is a large South American parrot with blue top parts and yellow under parts. It is a member of the large group of neotropical parrots known as macaws. It inhabits forest, woodland and savannah of tropical South America. They are popular in aviculture because of their striking color, ability to talk, ready availability in the marketplace, and close bonding to humans.  (source: Wiki)

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Practice 1247

Steller’s Jay is a jay native to Western North America.   It is closely related to blue jay which can be found in the rest of the continent, but with a black head and upper body.  It is also known as long-crested jay, mountain jay, pine jay.  It is the only crested jay west of the rocky mountain.  Do you know that it is an omnivores?  (source: Wiki)

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Practice 1246

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Practice 1245

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Practice 1244

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Practice 1243

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Practice 1242

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Practice 1241

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