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July 2018

Practice 1360

practice 1359.jpg

Practice 1359

practice 1359.jpg

Practice 1358

practice 1358.jpg

Practice 1357

practice 1357.jpg

Practice 1356

practice 1356.jpg

Practice 1355

I am sorry that I have not posted anything these few days. I have been trying to finish this 6 feet long peacock painting. It took quite a while to finish it, hence my absence these few days. The difficulty of doing big paintings is that I do not have the table to accommodate it. So I used one half of the table tennis table which my girl and hubby used to play at home. However, it was still not long enough for the painting and I accidentally tore a small part of the paper. But fortunately it can be fixed once it is mounted before I have It framed. Well, I hope you like it. Have a great weekend everyone.

practice 1355.jpg

Practice 1354

practice 1354.jpg

Practice 1353

practice 1353.jpg

Practice 1252

practice 1352.jpg

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