♦Another year has passed.  The learning progress has been very slow.  Interruptions one after another have kept my priority away and drained most my energy. June 7, 2020

♦What is my style and how to develop my own style?  These have been on my mind lately and  years of practicing daily led me to those questions.  June 7, 2016

♦I once read in the internet  that in order to become an artist, one must paint about 3000 pieces of paintings.  This probably is going to take 10 years to do, provided that it is done daily with no interruption. Or unless you are real gifted painter who doesn’t need that much practice. I am still working towards reaching that goal. Wish me luck.  June 7, 2015

♦I thought my fourth year (third year of blogging) onwards would make daily practices easier and faster. But I do not feel that way at all. My learning progress has evolved from simple traditional Chinese painting to more of watercolour on rice papers now. I guess this is easier for me to create the paintings based on what I usually see as suppose to what I should imagine traditional Chinese paintings are. I do not know if I will keep on going this path. Lets just give it another year. June 7, 2014

♦Two years have passed. It felt like ages and I can’t believe I made it this far. Painting daily has become my most important chores these days. By all means, doing it routinely is not an easy task. Yet the most difficult things to defeat are when laziness struck and I slack off or when life catches up with me, I have to keep reminding myself that I should practice more. Life can be very challenging and lonely. I believe I have balanced everything quite alright these past years. Of course there were and will be hiccups every now and then but I would not trade these moments with anything else. Painting has made me very happy and content. I am fortunate to be given a chance to learn. June 7, 2013

♦It has been one year since I started blogging. Oops, in reality it should count as ten months because for about two months in between I didn’t do any posting as I went abroad and renovated my apartment. Even though I am still not sure what I have learnt so far, blogging has been an interesting journey. It started as a desire to learn how to paint and posted online and as it progresses it becomes the only thing I can think of everyday.

The other day, I looked at the very first painting I made in class. I remembered vividly how fearful I was that night. In a room full of students, I attempted my first painting with a shaking and unsteady hand. I thought the result was a disastrous, but with a few corrected strokes done by my teacher, my very own first painting wasn’t so bad after all. Afterward bits by bits my confident in painting is growing and here I am, two years to the date since that day. I consider myself a self-taught student and a painter wanna be (please forgive my humor). I have no formal art education. The class which I attend once a week teaches me some very basic techniques. It helps me understand how each stroke of the brushes looks like and how to maneuver the difficult twists and turns of the brushes to paint one desires.

Posting my paintings is another way for me to receive feedbacks. This past year has been fun and enjoyable because I have all of your supports. I really appreciate the feedbacks and comments that were given and hopefully my blog is not much of a disappointment. Thank you all and please continue to support this site. June 7, 2012

♦I have been thinking of organizing and taking notes of what I have learnt in painting class over a year now. Today I got my wish. Hopefully this blog will have my learning journey weekly. There will be contributor writers who will add some of their favorite pieces, some of my muse and whatever comes up when I post. Please enjoy. June 7, 2011