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Asian cranes

Practice 1358

practice 1358.jpg

Practice 1307

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Practice 1303

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Practice 1294

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Practice 1242

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Practice 1222

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Practice 1119

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Practice 1041

Longevity is the main traditional Chinese meaning for the crane. Wisdom that comes with age, is an often associated meaning and in Feng Shui the influence of a Chinese crane painting is for a long life that increases in wisdom.  Source:


Practice 836

I am sorry for disappearing last week.  This is what I had been working for more than 30 hours last week.   I tried to finish this painting which I am going to give to my aunt as housewarming gift when they move in to their new house next month.

There are six red-crowned Asian cranes over the long tall grasses in the painting.  Crane symbolizes longevity in Chinese. I purposely painted the background black and it goes well with the gold/yellow grasses.  This is a very big 4 feet by 2 feet painting. I have not signed and put my name seal yet.  I am hoping either my dad or my teacher would like to pen some writing to complete the painting.

practice 836

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