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Stir-Fried Assorted Vegetables (清炒菇,燈籠椒和紅蘿蔔)

All I had at home that day was carrots, bell peppers and mushroom, so I just stir-fried them. Nothing special about this dish. Cut everything match stick long and they would look much better mix together (or cut any shapes you prefer). In the heated wok fry the chopped garlic till slightly brown and add all those veggies. Stir fry them till soft and tender, then add two table spoons of oyster sauce. I also added two tea spoons of corn starch with a bit of water so the vegies do not look dry at all.

Happy Saturday!





Sweet and Sour Fish (糖醋魚)

To be honest with you, I rarely cook fish at home. I usually will avoid cooking big fish because I do not know how to clean it. The most that I do is buy fish fillet or small fish. Last week when I went to a wet market next to my apartment to get prawns, the seller asked if I would get the fish as well and offered to clean it for me. That was the reason we had this fish for dinner that night. 🙂


1. Clean fish and make slices on its sides.

2. Cut carrots match stick long.

3. For sweet and sour sauce: 2 table-spoon of ketchup, 2 tea-spoon corn starch, water, vinegar, sugar and salt to taste.

4. Heat wok with lots of oil enough to deep fry the fish.

If you like before the frying, you may rub the fish with a bit of salt and corn starch on its sides to give a bit of flavor and to preserve the whole fish. In the pre-heated oil wok (remember this should be really hot oil) quickly fry the fish brown and put it aside. Stir cook the mixture no.3 and add carrot. Until carrots cooked and to your preferable taste, the sauce is done. At last pour it on top of the fish and it is ready to be served.

Happy Saturday.

sweet n sour fish1

sweet n sour fish2

sweet n sour fish3

sweet n sour fish4

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