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Karaoke (卡拉OK)

Does anyone like to sing?  When we are alone or in the shower, we might have that urge to sing. Happy and carefree moment when we think there is no one around listening to our horrible voice. I am sure everyone has experienced that. Nowadays there is this karaoke where we sing along the recorded music using the microphone.  Two weeks ago we didn’t have painting class because my teacher went overseas. The class decided to go to the karaoke lounge together that evening.  We spent four hours singing various songs and having fun.  It gave us a chance to be carefree and an excuse to scream out loud at the top of our lungs.  It was so fun that we all promised to get together again sometime soon.

I have this two-microphones karaoke set at home which my family and I usually take out to sing when we have time and when in good mood.  So I let my classmates know that why not come to my house to sing instead of going to the karaoke lounge.  We don’t have to pay and there is no time limit either.

I thought my last karaoke gathering was so embarrassing because I sang like a quacking duck and worst that some had to help sing along to cover up what I missed out.  Tell you the truth, I may know a little about painting but when it comes to singing, I am totally clueless even when I sing out of tune. Haha…  These past few days, I have been practicing singing some songs diligently.  I promise that the next time we meet for karaoke again, I will be prepared.  ~smiling confidently~ And for the time being, I guess my neighbors will have to endure my quacking noise and just hope they won’t call the police to complain. 🙂 Have a nice karaoke weekend everyone!

songs can be selected from the microphone.
songs can be selected from the microphone.
list of songs
list of songs
lyrics of the song
lyrics of the song
Your singing score is there  for everybody to see   :)
Your singing score is there for everybody to see 🙂

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