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Stir frying

Stir Fried Bean Sprout (清炒豆芽)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope you don’t forget to eat your veggies too during this festive season.  I have a very simple stir fried bean sprout without anything added in it.  I am not sure if it is to your liking or if you know what bean sprouts are.  It made from sprouting mung beans.  Commonly seen in Asian cuisine.  It can be stir fried or with some tofu/meat in it or stuff it in spring rolls.

Stir fried bean sprout only takes 5 minutes preparation and 5 minutes cooking time.  Just stir fry it briefly in a very hot oil wok, add a tea-spoon or two of soy sauce and few drops of sesame oil if you like it.  Enjoy.

bean sprout1

bean sprout2

Stir Fried Scallop and Broccoli (鮮貝炒西蘭花)

I have been wanting to buy that scallops in the market so many times I was there. They were so fresh, big and appealing. We rarely have fresh scallops on the supermarket shelves. Whenever it is available the price would be so steep that I would not have bought them. That day I was in the market, there was an offered. That was why we had stir fried scallops with broccoli for dinner.

If you prefered to have the broccoli separated just like mine, you have to boil them separately. Add a bit of sugar when boiling to preserve the color. When it is cool down, arrange it on a plate. I stir fried the scallops just like any stir fry. In the heated oil wok, we fry the chopped garlic till brown. Add the scallops and stir fry them for a minute or two and add cooking wine and seasoning. At last add the corn starch water in, to make that gravy. When it is done, pour the scallops on top of that pre arranged broccoli on the plate. Enjoy and Happy Saturday!




Stir Fried and Steamed Glutinous Rice (糯米饭)

Once in a while when I am in good mood and have plenty of time, I love to cook this glutinous rice at home. This is a totally different kinda taste from the white rice we have daily. Although it seems like a lot of work put into this particular dish, but in fact it is not. To make my cooking chores simpler, I usually would only cook one dish which has everything in it for lunch or dinner.

There are so many different ingredients for this rice. But we can just have our own prefered ingredients in it. In this glutinous rice, I used chicken (cut dices), fresh mushroom (cut thin slices), dried cuttlefish (cut thin dices), dried shrimps (chop). Before cutting them, the dried shrimps and cuttlefish need to be soaked to soften them. The rice needs to be soaked as well for at least few hours or over night. It is because it takes longer time to cook this rice.

In a pre-heat oil wok, fry the chopped shrimps and cuttlefish first. Fry them until they are brown and add the chicken and mushroom. Stir fry them until cook and add the rice. The seasoning that I added were dark soy sauce for the color and soy sauce. Mix them well and keep stirring them. Try to spread them in thin layer and let them cook evenly over medium heat. When the water is about drying up, add more water but not too much of it. Please be very careful not to burn the bottom part of the rice. Repeat the procedure until the rice is half-cooked and then transfer it to the steamer. Steam them for about 25-30 minutes for the rice to be cooked. I like to steam them after stir fried because sometimes there is spot of rice that still uncooked and I want them to be cooked thoroughly. Serve the rice while it is still hot with pickle and chilly sauce and garnish it with coriander. Happy Saturday and enjoy!

glu rice6

glu rice5

glu rice4

glu rice3

glu rice2

glu rice1

Note: Please use non stick wok to avoid burning the rice or use a bit more oil when stir frying them.

Stir-Fried Assorted Vegetables (清炒菇,燈籠椒和紅蘿蔔)

All I had at home that day was carrots, bell peppers and mushroom, so I just stir-fried them. Nothing special about this dish. Cut everything match stick long and they would look much better mix together (or cut any shapes you prefer). In the heated wok fry the chopped garlic till slightly brown and add all those veggies. Stir fry them till soft and tender, then add two table spoons of oyster sauce. I also added two tea spoons of corn starch with a bit of water so the vegies do not look dry at all.

Happy Saturday!





Stir-Fried Shrimps and Egg (滑蛋蝦仁)

Today dish is the simplest and easiest that I ever cooked. It is as simple as frying an egg. We need: de-shelled shrimps, eggs, chopped green onion, corn/potato starch and salt. For those who do not have time to peel the shrimp shells, I believe you can find frozen de-shelled shrimps in the supermarket for this.


  1. Quickly deep shrimps in boil water to wash away the smell.
  2. Beat the eggs, add a bit of water (10 cc), 2 tea spoons of corn/potato starch, add salt to taste, a few drops of sesame oil, the chopped green onion and shrimps.
  3. In the pre-heat wok fry the mixture 2.

When frying the eggs be very careful not to over cook it. Just keep stir mix the egg to avoid over cook the bottom part. It is supposed to look like watery egg and shrimps (mine looked a bit well done). Happy Saturday.




What Did You Have On New Year’s Eve?

When we grew up, our parents just started their own small business. Although the business was just starting, it took all of their energy, attention, time and barely left anything for us. But I never forget that on special occasions mom always cooked for us and we would sat together as family enjoying the feast together.

Out of the year, there were three days that mom would spared her time to cook for us was when there were: New year, Chinese new year and dad’s Birthday. We usually would joyfully counting days until they arrived. Mom’s cooking is always the best in this whole wide world (who doesn’t think their moms’ cooking like that?). We would have special food on those special days in which we never had everyday.

Days gone by, we are getting old and so do our parents. The children married and live at other places. It is difficult to be together when we all live at different countries. This new year’s eve mom only cooked very simple dinner for just a few of us.  Instead of those rich food she usually would cooked during these special days, we just had a very ordinary meal.  Here is what we had on new year’s eve.  Happy New Year!

new yr6

stir fried mushroom and chinese cabbage
stir fried mushroom and chinese cabbage

new yr5

grilled fish
grilled fish
fried meat balls: ground meat, shrimps, carrots, and water chesnut
fried meat balls: ground meat, shrimps, carrots, and water chestnut
fish balls soup
fish balls soup

Stir Fry Assorted vegetables with Chicken (雜菜炒雞絲)

I think every culture beliefs in the benefit of vegetables and the more varieties the better the benefits are. Westerner prepares their vegetables in the form of salad. The Indonesian has gado gado (assorted vegetables), in which assorted steamed vegetables mixed with peanut sauce. The Chinese has their own way of preparing them and one way is to stir fry the assorted vegetables.

I had a stir-fried vegetables with chicken last week. Any preferred vegies with or without meat will do. For this dish, I used cauliflower, carrots, snow peas and I added chicken for extra flavor.

1. Cut the chicken into thin slices and marinate it with soy sauce and corn starch for few minutes. This would give the chicken flavor as well as retain the moisture during cooking.
2. Then cut the vegetables and mince the garlic.

In pre-heat wok with two table spoons of oil, fry the garlic till slightly brown. Add the chicken and fry it for a minute, then add all the vegetables in. At last add a table-spoon of the oyster sauce, wine (optional) and mix well.

This dish is called “chop Suey” which literally means mixed small bits of everything. There are lots of way preparing it and no right or wrong way of doing it. It just depends on our taste buds. We can use light soya sauce instead or dash of salt. Try it and let me know which is better. 🙂

Bon appetit and Happy Saturday.

asorted vegies3

assorted vegies2

asorted vegies1

Sweet & Sour Cucumber Chicken(酸甜黃瓜炒雞絲)

Do you cook your cucumbers? Does anyone know how to cook cucumbers? Besides making pickles, what else do you think you can do with cucumbers? I remember when I was young, my mom liked to cook sweet and sour chicken with cucumbers in it. It was so tasty and delicious that I always remember the taste of it. She still cooks the dish though, but I rarely go to her place to eat and I miss out most of her home cook food. Last week I tried to cook the sweet and sour chicken cucumbers the way mom did. I am so pleased to say that as it turned out, the dish was not bad at all.

Preparation: All we need is chicken, cucumbers and garlic.

  1. To marinate the chicken: cut strips add soy sauce and corn starch. Let it sit for a few minutes.
  2. Cut cucumbers into half on its length, and half again. Cut away the seeds and cut it slant the same length as the chicken strips.
  3. Minced the garlic.

Sweet and sour sauce:

Mix vinegar, water, sugar and corn starch and a bit of salt (or soy sauce) to your taste.

In a heated oil wok, fry the garlic till slightly brown then add chicken, stir fry it for a few minutes. Add slices of cucumbers to it and continue to stir fry until they are tender. Finally before out of wok, pour in the sauce, stir fry a minute. Bon appetit!





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