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Practice 1046


Landscape 08-11-2016


Orchid 08-11-2016


Practice 1045


Practice 1043


Practice 1042

Lotus is a symbol of purity because it rises out of the mud to bloom. It is the flower of the sixth month and summer. Lotus blossoms are often depicted as a throne for the Buddha and the lotus is one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism (ba jixiang 八吉祥).  Source:


Practice 1041

Longevity is the main traditional Chinese meaning for the crane. Wisdom that comes with age, is an often associated meaning and in Feng Shui the influence of a Chinese crane painting is for a long life that increases in wisdom.  Source:


Practice 1040

The Rooster is the tenth of the twelve-year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese Zodiac.   The Rooster is a common subject in Chinese painting, belonging to the category of flower-and-bird painting. The Chinese character for the Chicken (鸡, ) is a homophone of auspicious (吉, ), thus making it particularly popular among Chinese artists. Source:


Practice 1039

Bletilla striata is the most common form found in the nursery trade and is often labeled simply as ‘Hardy Orchid’ or ‘Chinese Ground Orchid’ and is quite inexpensive. This beautiful and hardy deciduous orchid has the distinction of being one of the first orchids in cultivation in England dating from around 1794.   The very flat knob-like tuberous root system is typically sympodial, expansive and each shoot is of annual duration only. On established plants, almost every new growth shoot has a flower spike before leaves fully develop. Each shoot can have up to fourteen beautiful rose-mauve flowers with a ruffled lip about 30mm diameter, scentless and looking something like a miniature Cattleya orchid flower. An established clump can have literally dozens of flower spikes flowering in the late Spring and the clumps only increase in beauty with time. They rarely exceed two feet in height.  (source: Wiki)


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