I would say besides painting, the time I spend at home is in the kitchen (not counting sleeping). In there, I am either preparing and cooking meals or doing dishes or just cleaning up the kitchen. It is such a pleasure for me most of the time to just cook something for family or friends, and heaven knows that I know nothing about cooking.

Our apartment is an old estate of almost two decades old. We have moved here for about over two years when I noticed the kitchen cabinet’s wood starting to chip away little by little. So we decided that it was time to get a new kitchen. It was a small old kitchen and it looked gloomy. It needed a facelift anyway.

These are the pictures that we took before and after the renovation.
At the start of the renovation, I decided that I needed a bigger table space than the old one. So we had another table top installed just across each other using black granite. We are glad that we had that table top installed as it gives us more space to put things. Now my kitchen looks tidy and a bit organised than before.